I have arrived!

Well, I am here! I got here on Monday. One 14-hour sleep later, and I feel well adjusted. Despite the fact that we are two giants living in one small apartment, we have managed to do a great job of maximizing a small space for dual living.

After living here for a couple of days, things are going well! We’ve gotten groceries, explored town (well…Michiel showed me around town), and hung out with a few of his friends. Last night was my first experience riding on the cargo rack on the back of his bicycle (apparently a common thing). Well, considering I barely ever ride a bike, let alone balance precariously on the back of one while it is being ridden, it was quite a harrowing experience. First I tried going side-saddle…but that didn’t work out very well. I couldn’t balance and felt like I was going to tip the bike. Then I went for the ol’ cowboy style of one leg on each side and that worked okay, but I lack the necessary thigh muscles required to keep your feet up off the ground for a lengthy period of time. Well, practise makes perfect.

We also had a fanciful Dutch meal of fries with mayo and chopped onions, which was delicious. There was this other thing, whose name I forget, that was basically a half-sandwich-sized glob of cheese with a fried coating. Needless to say, after eating that I didn’t feel so good.

Today, off to the Gemeentehuis to register myself with the municipality!

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2 Responses to I have arrived!

  1. Jess says:

    i really need to give this fries + mayo combo a try, i’m also fascinated by this cheese blob

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