Scenes of Eindhoven

At long last, it stopped raining in Eindhoven, so I got the chance to wander around the city and do some exploring today! The shopping here is ridiculously amazing. And I’m no shop-a-holic but…wow. Lots of awesome stores waiting to relieve me of my money.

Tomorrow we’re off to The Hague! We’re going to check out the scene there, and to protest the rising university tuition fees. There’s a big professors’ demonstration organized. While I have already graduated, I am just tagging along to help out the cause. I protest “them” raising my boyfriend’s tuition fees (I have not done my research, and I do not know who “they” are. My bad.) But yeah, it’s legit. He has a banner and everything. :D

Anyways, here’s some pictures from my Eindhoven Exploration Mission:

Downtown Eindhoven


The church

The city-centre square

Some cute pubs

Mr. Frits Philips himself, of the Philips electronics company that is omnipresent in Eindhoven.

The Piazza!

Church, from afar

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2 Responses to Scenes of Eindhoven

  1. Michiel says:

    Note the notoriously unpronounceable Grolsch sign (for foreigners, that is) in the first picture. On top of a McDonalds. You flatter us Dutchies too much, Kristen :P

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