Moving Day!

Today is moving day! Well, not move-in day, but just moving day. We’re hauling all Michiel’s crap (plus some of mine hehe) into our new apartment. We are moving to the other side of Eindhoven, into a snazzy 2-bedroom place with all the fixin’s. It all worked out very magically, because the people who live there are going away on a one year world trip, and Michiel and I need a place to stay since I’m here for one year so….bingo bango. So we’re bringing our stuff over today, and we actually get to move in there on Saturday evening.

We went over to the new place last night to check it out…. AND for an amazing sushi party with the couple who live there now, and another couple friends who introduced us to the place! Mmmmm so good.


Sushi! We made our own!

A nice upside-down roll

It was a feast fit for kings.

Of course, more pics of the new apartment are coming soon!!! :)

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2 Responses to Moving Day!

  1. Well – all I wanted to do was “Like” your post but I ended up with my own Blog!!
    Looks like you’re having a great time – nice to have a larger apartment. Hope all goes well with the bureaucracy. In all my dealings with immigration over the years, that’s a new one on me (the marriage thing).

  2. I had heard you were moving across the ocean! I hope it’s going well for you, which seems to be the case :)

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