We have achieved a milestone in our relationship: doing laundry together. This may not seem like such a big achievement, but it really was an epic undertaking. Over 3 weeks worth of clothes/sheets/towels x 2 people = 7 loads of laundry, and staying up till past 1:00 am. (Neither of us had any concept of how to fandangle with all the buttons and knobs on the washing machine.) Probably no one cares about our laundry habits, but to hell with it, I’m blogging about it anyways. It was a triumph. Especially after we ran out of rack space, and had to fashion our own ingenious contraption out of chairs, boxes and string. Here, Michiel demonstrates:

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4 Responses to Laundry.

  1. Barb says:

    A brilliant demonstration of engineering. Good to see you putting your education to good use, Michiel.
    Nice pose!

  2. I guess the trick when you don’t have a dryer is to wash often.

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