“Things I miss” #1: Roll up the Rim

A couple of times, people have asked me what stuff I miss from home while living abroad in the Netherlands. It’s hard to say, because there are a lot of really awesome things about living here. In fact, pretty much everything about living here is awesome. Plus, I’ve only been here about a month and a half, which isn’t long enough to really long for stuff.

Anyways, there isn’t much I feel I am noticeably without, but I guess there is the odd thing that – given the opportunity from a magic genie – I would like to have zapped over here. (Before I go any further, yes mom, I do miss you, but I’m talking about things here, not people.) :D

If I had to pick one thing right now, I guess I am a little bit sad that I’m absent from the annual Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim experience. As a Canadian, this is a national pastime. An activity that brings everyone together, young and old, from coast to coast. People share their win/loss counts on FaceBook, and I am jealous that I’m missing out on that exhilarating feeling of biting the rim of a paper cup to see if I’ve won a free coffee. Is that sad? Probably.

Besides that, I kind of miss Tim Hortons all together. There aren’t any “take-out” coffee places here. At all! Not even Starbucks (they only have 4 in the whole country, none of which are in Eindhoven). They have cafés of course, but you have to sit down and wait and drink out of a tiny ceramic mug.

A tiny ceramic mug without a rolly-flap that could possibly reveal a free doughnut.

Oh, the humanity!

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4 Responses to “Things I miss” #1: Roll up the Rim

  1. Barb says:

    Hahaha you know me too well. Thank you for the acknowledgment =)

    Hey, I have a idea…you could open up the first Dutch “Tim Van Horton’s Coffee and Granola to Go”.

  2. Catherine says:

    Don’t feel too bad – haven’t won anything in the last two “roll up” sessions – not even a free coffee!

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