Our Housewarming Party!

Last night we had our housewarming party to celebrate our new apartment. It was a fun night of drinking and eating and general merryment! A bunch of Michiel’s friends came, some I already knew, some I met for the first time. We had to re-arrange our furniture just to fit everyone! (I’ll post some general apartment pics soon, we still have a few more decorative items to acquire before it’s “done”)

Here’s some pictures from last night! Everyone helped make our house very warm :)

Crowd shot. Pascal is enthralling me with his taxpaying stories.

Crazy long straws from Ikea :)

Bubbles! (Of course).

Thomas & Manon

(Note our new snazzy Ikea bookshelf on the right) :D

Bas & Bubbles







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3 Responses to Our Housewarming Party!

  1. Dad says:

    24 Heinekin for $7.99 Euro…….awesommme

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