This weekend!

This weekend, Michiel’s sister Inge came for a visit! She lives in Belgium (we stayed at her place when we traveled to Brussels for Valentines Day). After a dinner of carrot soup [yet another delicious culinary creation by Michiel-the-Soupmaster] and ciabatta bread, we played a riveting game of Monopoly. I really suck at that game. Somehow, I never manage to get any properties. I always land on ‘chance’ and all the crappy places every round, and everyone else racks up the expensive land. Michiel, taking real estate management at school, won the game of course. Then today we went for a walk in the park. Here are some pics:


I made apple crisp for dessert :)

Going for a stroll in the park! (with a necessary photo-shoot). Inge and I both had leather jackets and practically the same pants which was pretty awesome. We looked like badass chicks. Mostly because we ARE badass chicks :D

And then, inexplicably, we found a bunny on a leash in a baby stroller. :-|

Tomorrow, we have Canadian visitors from Sweden! My friend Robin from back home lives in Stockholm with his girlfriend now, and they’re coming for a visit for a couple of days. Awesomely, they also met each other in Scotland. We’ll be visiting them up in the ‘Holm in April :)

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3 Responses to This weekend!

  1. Catherine says:

    Apple crisp – looks really yummy – one of my favs.

  2. Barb says:

    You and Inge could almost be twins….well, not exactly from the neck up….definitely badass, as you say!
    Was the bunny in the stroller a remnant from the Carnaval perhaps?? I keep thinking about the granny pulling the stuffed dog on a leash…one of my favorite photos thus far.

  3. Inge says:

    Hey Kristen, I just saw this post, very nice! Haha, we really do look like badass chicks. Next time we go to the park we should definitely bring a ghettoblaster and a sixpack of Heineken :-)

    I can confirm to everyone that the carrot soup, ciabatta bread and the apple crisp were amaaaaaaaaazing!!

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