Visitors from Sweden

This week, my friend Robin and his girlfriend Kristina came to stay with us in Eindhoven! They are both Canadian (Robin is from back home in Toronto and Kristina is from Saskatoon) but in an awesome coincidence they met each other while backpacking in Scotland (sound familiar?) and are now living together in Sweden! We all had a great time exploring the Eindhoven city centre market and visiting my favourite Dutch city – Den Bosch (called ‘s-Hertogenbosch if you’re looking at a map trying to figure out where it is). It is just the most quaint, beautiful place, and I highly recommend it to anyone who visits Holland. Robin felt a certain connection to it, as his father was born in a small town just 8km away. They could only stay for a couple of days, but we’ll get to see them again in April when we go visit in Stockholm. Can’t wait!

Here’s a few pics:

Dinner at our place (my mouth was full of food when Michiel snapped this shot haha!) We had creamy pasta with broccoli and chicken. mmmmm.

The four of us laying on the grass in the sun at the Den Bosch citadel. (Photo by Kristina)

Of course, we had to introduce them to the famous Bossche Bollen. You can't leave Den Bosch without going to Jan de Groot Bakery and eating these. They're pastry balls covered in chocolate and filled with whipped cream. SO GOOD.

Verdict? They liked them! (I think this is the cutest picture ever)

I couldn't resist this photo op.

Walkin' around...

Lookin' at stuff...

I’ll post up some more pictures of the scenery in the city of Den Bosch and some pics of its MAGNIFICENT cathedral. Very soon. Stay tuned.

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One Response to Visitors from Sweden

  1. Catherine says:

    MMMMmmmmm – those chocolate pastries! I’ll stay tuned for sure. I am really enjoying your time in Holland.

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