Three month status report!

As of today, three months has gone by since I’ve hopped on a plane from Canada and arrived here in the Netherlands. It’s now April, and the weather here has been wonderful lately. Lots of sun, warm weather, and we’ve even gotten to have dinner out on our balcony! Picnics coming soon, I hope :)

I thought I would take this as a chance to finally post a few pics of our apartment. At last, we’ve hung the last pictures and shelves, and arranged everything the way we want it. Here is our home sweet home:

Here's our living room

The office/wine rack

Our dinner table. That we never eat at. Since we eat dinner on the couch so we can watch Star Trek. :D

Here's our bedroom! Small-ish, but cosy.

This is our guest bedroom

And this is the kitchen!

I’ll post some more pictures in a few weeks of our balcony, once it gets going. We spent two days this week scrubbing and washing it, as it didn’t look like its been used by anyone in years. But, we will definitely be spending a lot of time out there! Michiel’s parents let us use a couple of really awesome chairs to put out there, so we’ll turn it into a little outdoor living room. We’ve bought some flower boxes and Michiel will build some brackets for them so we can put them on our balcony railing. We also bought seeds! I sowed them only a few days ago, and they’re already sprouting:

Zinnia/Dahlia sprouts

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One Response to Three month status report!

  1. Barb says:

    Very nice! And tidy too!!!
    What’s that….did I actually see a typewriter on the desk?

    We’ll be making use of your guest room in a mere 7 weeks! Can’t wait.

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