Our trip to Stockholm

We just got back from our trip to Sweden, and we had a really great time! The weather was fantastic – every day was sunny. Stockholm is only a few degrees cooler than what we’re experiencing here in Eindhoven.

Usually when I travel anywhere, I’m pretty diligent about doing a lot of research before-hand to learn about where I’m going and what I want to see. This time was a little different. Somehow we just ran out of time before the trip and never got to looking up Stockholm on Wiki Travel! We went there knowing nothing, but were very pleasantly surprised at what we found.

What I love about Stockholm is that it’s an archipelago – a cluster of islands (I have trouble remembering how to say the word archipelago). The city is very unique because of this, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. The interesting geography makes for a lot of beautiful waterfront scenery. Many of the buildings are vibrantly coloured in hues of orange and yellow and red. I loved the winding cobblestone streets and the old bridges that connect the islands together.

Other than the scenic views, there aren’t a whole lot of must-see historic or tourist locations in the city (other than the world’s biggest IKEA, and the ability to see 5 H&M shops on the same city block!). But on the other hand there are lots of different areas to wander around, and it’s just nice to grab a snack and sit in the sun. Robin & Kristina did an awesome job of taking us to the best places in Stockholm from an insider’s perspective! We had a great time staying with them at their cute apartment right in the city centre.

Before I get to the pictures, let me just say on another side note that Stockholm is by far the most fashionable city I’ve ever been to. More so than Paris and New York City. Combined. These people are gorgeous and dressed like the street is a runway. It’s a very young city, lots of twenty-somethings, and all of them must spend hours each day doing their hair & makeup and putting together their outfits. The Swedish are fashionable in a somewhat unconventional sense, though. They aren’t necessarily wearing the latest Dior or Prada, but they are very clever in what they piece together, creating an overall individualistic look. I really loved people-watching, because it seemed that everyone was truly unique and had a lot of personal touches in their style. Each item of clothing was carefully chosen and paired with other pieces for a completed look that just “works.” I don’t know how to explain it. I need to get a Swedish stylist.

Anyways, on to the pictures! (You can click on the pics to see them in larger size)

This is the scene that is on all the post cards.

Instead of painted lines as road dividers, this street used inlaid metal text. Very cool!


Love this!

A view from the bridge

This is the second-most-popular postcard image.

Stockholm wide-view

Sailing ship (thats actually a hostel!)

There were lots of boats and cruise ships here - popular seaside destination!

Street band - note the cool old microphone.

The fruits and veggies at the market were all carefully and colourfully laid out.

Cool church


Vibrant colours!

Love the architecture.

Old phone box

Mysterious alley

Cant forget our day trip to the worlds biggest IKEA!

Bye bye Sweden!

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3 Responses to Our trip to Stockholm

  1. Dad says:

    Looks like a great weekend trip. Especially nice that the weather co-operated….

  2. Thomas says:

    Sure sure, beautiful architecture, interesting culture, all good, but…. but… WORLD’S BIGGEST IKEA!!! (so what was *that* like on the inside?)

  3. Catherine says:

    I think you got around a bit more than we did when we were on the cruise! Nice pics.

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