Adventures in London – Part 2

Here we go for round 2! These pics are of Westminster Abbey, Parliament and the British Museum.

I really loved Westminster Abbey. The lines were ridiculous outside and it was a very expensive activity but I’d say it was worth it. I only regret not allowing more time to really explore the place. We went near-ish to the end of the day when the line was shorter, but we really only had enough time to buzz through the audio guide (plus a few moments for reminiscing about the Royal Wedding haha) and then leave as everything was being locked up. If anyone reading this is thinking of visiting there any time soon, be sure to leave yourself a couple of hours…not 45 minutes. Anyway, it was really cool to see the tomb of Queen Elizabeth 1, and the monuments for Shakespeare and other great British actors and musicians. Every wall was packed with intricate sculptures and tombstones and markings. I was reaaaaally disappointed not to get to see the coronation stone/throne as it was being restored. Think of all the kings and queens that sat upon it! Too bad. (Maybe next time!)

The London Eye! Didn't go on it, and I think it's pretty ugly, but there it is anyways.

Oooohhhh, so mooooooody.

Found some English Roses :)

Parliament buildings

....aaaand here's Westminster!

Close up

Couldn't take pictures inside, but here's a little garden patch they had within the walls of the church.

Here's the British Museum! An insane amount of artefacts here.

Just inside the doors

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. OoooOOOoooo....

Staring Contest!



Here's the famous "Marble Arch" leading into Hyde Park

A beautiful day in Hyde Park

Last round of London pictures coming soon :)

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One Response to Adventures in London – Part 2

  1. Barb says:

    Nice photos. You may try to go back to Westminster Abbey sometime…45 minutes is definitely not enough time to take it all in. Definitely my favorite spot in London.

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