Adventures in London – Part 3

Last batch of London photos! These are shots from all over London, some in Trafalgar Square and some at the Tower Bridge.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is pretty cool, I would recommend it for anyone heading to London. You get to go up to the observation bridges high above where the cars drive, for excellent views of the city down the Thames River. You also get a nice overview of the Tower of London and surrounding fortress. The Bridge Exhibition was pretty cheap as well, especially compared with the Tower (which is £19 / $30). As historic as it is, and having the Royal Jewels on display, I feel like….why should *I* have to pay to see someone else’s diamonds and jewels, ya know what I mean? What a scam! :P

Anyways, here we go!

Trafalgar Square!

Tesco Sushi dinner mmmmm.....

Here's Michiel, posing for his portrait in front of the National Portrait Gallery

St. James Park, where they make you pay to sit on the lawn chairs.


Necessary red phone booth touristy photo

We had lunch at the park in front of the Tate Modern, across the Thames from St. Paul's Cathedral


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The Bridge! The exhibition info said the drawbridge only lifts 3 times a day, but we saw it lift 3 times in the 1/2 hour we were sitting there.

London Tower

Overview of London Tower, from the Bridge

Here's Michiel, enjoying the boiler room part of the tour. Steam engines were used to lift the drawbridge for passing boats....

...Like this big one!

View of London!

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2 Responses to Adventures in London – Part 3

  1. Catherine says:

    I know the cost of seeing the crown jewels was probably not in your budget but I have to say they are worth it!

  2. Catherine says:

    Sorry – meant to say great photos and looks like you had wonderful weather in London.

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