A visit from my parents!

After Michiel and I got back from London, my parents came for a visit. After spending a weekend in Amsterdam, they arrived in Eindhoven to stay with us for a couple days. After that, I went with them to check out Bruges (photos of that to come soon) and they went off to Paris together before heading home.

While my Ma & Pa were in Eindhoven, I showed them around town, and Michiel and I took them to Den Bosch where we went on a canal boat ride tour. It was really cool – lots of history! The canals go around and UNDER people’s houses. Den Bosch is probably my favourite city in the Netherlands (though I still have a lot of exploring to do). Its town square is awesome and everything is so quaint.

After wandering around there, we had a “meet the parents” dinner back at home with Michiel’s mom and dad. We all enjoyed ourselves a lot, and it was really cool to have my parents meet Michiels’. We think they are all a lot alike :)

Here are some pictures from Den Bosch & the canal tour:

Me with my parents in Den Bosch market square.

On the boat tour, going under houses!

Mysterious staircase


Door in the middle of nowhere

I would love to live in that house...

...Or have one of these balcony things

The tour also took us outside the old town walls by a beautiful park area

We had great weather

Here's some of the old town wall

Here's Michiel with my parents on the boat! :)


...Heading back into the city

One last canal pic for the road :P

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One Response to A visit from my parents!

  1. Catherine says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all – great pics as usual.

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