In Bruges

Here's where we stayed, called "Lady Lace"

After my parents came to stay with Michiel and I in Eindhoven, I went with them to Bruges for the weekend. After a lengthy and complicated train ride, we arrived at the little 17th century Flemish house they rented near the centre of town. It was so cute and soooo old. Everything squeaked and creaked and you could just feel the history of the place — from the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling to the creepy basement below.

On the first day, my parents rented bikes to go check out a nearby town called Damme, and I went on a walking tour of the city. We all really enjoyed Bruges (and its chocolate & croissants!). The city is so medieval and all the buildings & bridges are incredible and filled with history. The main square is gorgeous, with Belfry Tower on one side and a bunch of colourful shops and cafes on the other.

Here are a few pictures of our time in Bruges! (Part II coming soon)

In the city centre, opposite Belfry tower

Here's Belfry!

I forget what this was...maybe the town hall or something. It looks nice, anyways.

This is the most photographed view in Bruges, seen on all the post cards at the souvenir shops.

Me & my Momma

Cute little house on a cute little bridge. I think this one holds the title of the smallest bridge in Bruges.

One of the many canals

I want to live there. A big private garden is behind the old brick wall, right on the river.

Me & Dad :)

Some cute cafes

Another smaller town square that includes "The Church of the Holy Blood" that claims to have a vial of Christ's blood. mmmmhmm.... I'm sure it does.

This beautiful canal was just down the street from our place

Second half of my Bruges pictures coming up next time :)

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One Response to In Bruges

  1. Catherine says:

    Gorgeous – I wish I had been there in summer instead of January.

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