In Bruges – the sequel

While in Bruges, my parents and I watched the movie “In Bruges” in the house where we stayed (great movie). When I was on my walking tour, the guide showed us where some of the most notable shots were filmed, and in this post I’ve included a couple screen grabs from the movie to set the scene next to my own photos.

So, without further adieu, here are the rest of my Bruges photos!

The cutest little chocolate shop

My parents :)

Some really wonky old buildings

On my walking tour, the guide said that the steeple of this church is the second tallest brick structure in the world!

The church contains a Michelangelo piece - very rare as it is one of the few to ever leave Italy while the artist was alive.

The beautiful park. Behind this fountain was a little playground area off to the side, which was where some famous scenes from the movie "In Bruges" was filmed.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the movie, alongside pictures I took at the park!
(You can click on the photos to see a bigger version)

Here's the scene where actor Brendan Gleeson sneaks up on Colin Farrell's character, as he has been ordered to kill him.

Just before Gleeson moves to kill him, it turns out Colin Farrell's is actually about to kill himself.

Some night shots of the city, which is all lit up after dark

Belfry Tower

Ma & Pa in front of the City Hall (I think?)

Old buildings

The "Postcard" shot, as seen at night.

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  1. Barb says:

    Great photos!

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