An anniversary in Edinburgh

This summer, Michiel and I took a weekend trip to Edinburgh, marking 2 years to the day that we first met in Scotland. A lot can happen in 2 years!

We had a nice trip, the Scottish weather cooperated with us some of the time… and when it was crappy outside we popped into the nearest Starbucks. Both of us having been to Edinburgh before, we decided to avoid some of the more tourist-y stuff and instead just focused on having a relaxing weekend break. We did sneak in one itsy-bitsy tourist attraction which was an underground tour of some of the caverns and vaults under the streets of the city. (Underground City of the Dead tour, here’s the link) Very cool — very spooky! I really liked that this tour had a more historic aspect to it, rather than costumed people just trying to pop out and scare you.

We also walked to the eerie graveyard at the top of Calton hill, and had a nap on the green grass at Holyrood Park at the base of ‘Arthur’s Seat’ — a volcanic mini-mountain right in the middle of the city. We went out for burgers and a pint at the local pub and ventured into dusty old bookstores.

Edinburgh is such an amazing city. Probably my most favourite. It seems to be vibrant and youthful, but also rich with history. It’s not so big that it makes you feel insignificant, but it’s big enough that there’s always hidden corners yet to be explored. I don’t know why but I get kind of an ‘at home’ feeling there. You forget how the city makes you feel until you return to it.

On that note, here are a couple of pictures from our trip:

A view of Edinburgh's Old Town, from the edge of the park.

Edinburgh Castle, right in the heart of the city.

Creepy Calton Hill graveyard.

Me and Michiel <3

View of Edinburgh, out to the Firth of Forth river

Yay Edinburgh!

Great old building along the 'Royal Mile' (on one of the sunnier moments of our trip)

Strolling along...

Very comfy lawn behind the Queen's Edinburgh residence


Scottish countryside from above.

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One Response to An anniversary in Edinburgh

  1. Catherine says:

    Great pics of Edinburgh! I lived there when I was 3 til 5 – started school at St. Ann’s, Canongate.
    Have only been there twice briefly since and that was ages ago. Glad you got some sun while you were there.

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