Italian adventures with a friend from home – Part 1

Here's the yacht she's on, the "Lady Allison"

In early August, I flew to Rome to meet up with my friend Lori. We’ve been besties since our university days, and she’s currently on a worldly adventure of her own as well! Earlier this year, just after I left for the Netherlands, she packed up her life to travel the world as a crew member on a rich person’s mega yacht (not too shabby). After doing some training in Fort Lauderdale, she got on with a boat that sailed to the caribbean in the spring, then crossed the Atlantic to spend the summer docked in Italy. She’s now on her way back across the ocean to spend the fall docked in Manhattan, but due to some hurricanes they’re on a detour and she’s “stuck” in the exotic Azores. Must be terrible.

Anyway, while the yacht was docked outside Rome, she had a few days free so we planned a trip! We spent a brief night in Rome and then headed by train through Tuscany up to Cinque Terre (“The Five Towns”). We drank wine, ate pizza and pasta, and generally lived like kings. It was a fantastic mini-vacation. Here’s some pics!

Rome from above!

The Colosseum!

Here's me :)

Beautiful Trevi Fountain

Awesome old building we stumbled upon. Literally stumbled. We had a lot of wine and catching up to do that night!

The next day! We made a pit stop in La Spezia for my first Italian pizza experience before getting on another train to Corniglia, one of the "Cinque Terre"

Lori and I after arriving in Cinque Terre :)

This is where we stayed. We booked something last minute on Hostelworld only to arrive and find out it was a 2-story private apartment with our own kitchen and a rooftop terrace with a view of the water and city!

Our little terrace. We grabbed some prosciutto, cheese and bread and made a nice little buffet for ourselves!

Here's Lori. Watermelon and can't go wrong.

View of Corniglia from our terrace

Sunset's coming...

Theeeere it is. ahhhh.

The next day we did some exploring around town. Here's the beautiful view!

Here's me!

The rest of my Italy pictures are coming soon :)

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