Italian adventures with a friend from home – Part 2

Here is the second half of my photos from Italy. These are mostly taken in Cinque Terre. After staying the night in the town called Corniglia, we decided to take the train to one of the other towns — called Vernazza — to check out the scene there. If anyone reading this thinks to themselves “Gee, I’d like to go to Cinque Terre too!” I would really recommend staying in Vernazza.

Not that Corniglia wasn’t beautiful, it definitely was, it is just very difficult to access. When you get off the train, which is just above water level, what looms in front of you is a gigantic hillside with an open staircase weaving its way up 33 stories (nearly 400 steps). That’s it, folks. That’s how you’re getting up there. With your luggage in tow. There is a shuttle bus, however it only fits about 15 people, and that’s very hard to get to when several hundred people get off the train with you. The other thing about Corniglia is that it doesn’t have a beach, per se. There is a cute little swimming area where you’d have to jump off some rocks but, of course, how do you get there? You guessed it. You’ve gotta walk down the several hundred steps on the other side of the hill… and back up again afterwards.

Lori and I were very happy to walk off the train into Vernazza — the town is at train-track-level and is flat all the way through. It has very cute stores and ice cream places, and it also has a beach! Not to mention a medieval-watchtower-turned-restaurant, which is where we had lunch. Here’s the pictures:

Here's me in Corniglia, walking down the bazillion steps to the swimmin' hole.

I can't complain about the views on the way down though.

We loved how the sky/water was a perfect gradient... you can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins!


Here's where you swim (if you dare!) You can see a guy there on the bottom left. The water was crystal clear and very deep. Next time I go to Cinque Terre I'm bringing swimming goggles.

Another rustic door. Love it!

This is what you see when you get off the train in Vernazza. Beautiful! No stairs! YAY!


Love the colours of the buildings here!

This is on top of the Medieval Watchtower where we had lunch

Vernazza from the ferry dock -- we decided to take the ferry back to La Spezia so we could get a view from the "5 Villages" from the water.


One of the other towns, I think it's Riomaggiore

A castle!

Very medieval lookin'

The end :)

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One Response to Italian adventures with a friend from home – Part 2

  1. Dad says:

    Great pics; gotta/wanna get back there….fave part of the world.

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