Sushi aftermath & a board-game weekend

Since Michiel and I took that sushi making course in Amsterdam, we have been able to make sushi on our own a couple times! What seems to happen is that we make way too much, and then end up not being able to move for several hours afterwards. Here’s a hilarious photo that Michiel made of a recent sushi adventure with our friend Kirsten:

So. Much. Sushi. (click to enlarge photo)

Anyway, I’ve been a little neglectful of posting here lately, haven’t I? I have some pictures that I’ll post later this week of the recent visitors we had from Australia – Michiel’s brother Thomas & his wife Chie! We also went to Utrecht a few weeks ago (my new favourite place in the Netherlands) — you’ll see why when I post photos :)

Not much else is new here besides the fact that we’ve had a relaxing weekend playing boardgames and fiddling around with our computers. Both Michiel and I installed the latest Mac software called Lion (love it!) and I updated my iPhone to iOS 5 and am now floating within the iCloud (whatever that means).

Here are a couple pics from our board game night!

Lucas, pondering which weapons to use, in the game Munchkin.

Me, excited that I won. (ahem - TWICE!)

Michiel, the card ninja :D

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3 Responses to Sushi aftermath & a board-game weekend

  1. Michiel says:

    Yeah, just keep on rubbin’ in the fact that you beat us (TWICE..).

  2. Lucas, the pondering guy from the photo says:

    Oh well, at least there were peppernuts to ease the pain of losing. Plus, I got a baking workshop, so I came out of the weekend feeling victorious anyway. :D

  3. Chie says:

    Those sushi rolls look beautiful! Well done!!

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