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My First Sinterklaas

Today is Sinterklaas. Happy Sinterklaas everyone! What is Sinterklaas, you ask? Well, it is one of the most beloved Dutch holidays, and it’s full of tradition. Most people outside of the Netherlands have never heard of the phenomenon, and assume … Continue reading

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Sushi aftermath & a board-game weekend

Since Michiel and I took that sushi making course in Amsterdam, we have been able to make sushi on our own a couple times! What seems to happen is that we make way too much, and then end up not … Continue reading

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Taste of Sushi workshop @ Okura Hotel

A couple of weeks ago, Michiel and I went to Okura Hotel in Amsterdam for a sushi making workshop! The cooking course was his birthday gift from me, since I know how much he loves Japanese cuisine. All in all, … Continue reading

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Hiking in Germany

A few weeks ago, when there was a beautiful sunny break in the bad summer weather we’ve had, Michiel and I went hiking in Germany with his parents. After a summer full of rain and clouds it was wonderful to … Continue reading

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The curious case of Baarle-Hertog

Several weeks ago, Michiel stumbled on a great new map website, called OpenStreetMap. It’s a free, editable map of the whole world. Though it doesn’t have a ‘satellite view’ like Google Maps, the quality is far superior in my opinion. … Continue reading

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Gourmet Party!

In the Netherlands, doing “gourmet” means firing up a mini-grill, putting it in the middle of the table, and everyone gets to cook their own food! It’s really awesome because you can shove a bunch of stuff onto a skewer, … Continue reading

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Italian adventures with a friend from home – Part 2

Here is the second half of my photos from Italy. These are mostly taken in Cinque Terre. After staying the night in the town called Corniglia, we decided to take the train to one of the other towns — called … Continue reading

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